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Lock in Great Rates on 15-Year Fixed Mortgages

15-Year Fixed mortgages can be great for paying less interest over the lifetime of a mortgage loan and paying off mortgages as fast as possible. Additionally, homeowners can take comfort in the fact that their mortgage payments will be a consistent rate.

Why 15-Year

15-Year Fixed Benefits

  • Pay off mortgage in half the time of a 30-Year mortgage
  • Pay less interest over the lifetime of the loan
  • Mortgage payments will never change

15-Year Fixed Requirements

Because 15-Year Fixed Mortgages have higher monthly payments than a 30-Year Mortgage, they typically require stronger credit ratings and higher levels of income.

How 15-Year Fixed Works

  • Payments do not change during the lifetime of the loan
  • Ability to pay mortgage in advance without any penalties
  • Loan payments are based on individual’s financial situations and current interest rates