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Edward Carlton

NMLS #992248

Serial entrepreneur, obsessed with customer service.

Mr. Carlton held several leadership positions prior to coming to Bayway Mortgage Group in 2013, including roles in new business venture start up, development of business systems, and service fulfillment. Through a resounding commitment to customer service and a fearless disposition towards hard work, Mr. Carlton excelled tremendously in a variety of employments.

Mr. Carlton’s core competencies include creating the ideal client experience, driving and embracing change, new venture start-ups and regulatory compliance. As a fourth-generation entrepreneur, he garnered a keen insight for business.

Carlton’s vision for Bayway Mortgage Group stemmed from dissatisfaction in his own personal experience with purchasing a home. He felt the loan origination process was rife with confusion and stress. He sought to apply his client-first mentality within the mortgage industry to help consumers with what is often times one of the most significant financial investments in an individual’s lifetime.

Mr. Carlton distinguished Bayway Mortgage Group from other loan providers by focusing on finding the perfect loan for a homeowner’s needs and closing those loans in the fastest times imaginable. He emphasizes empathy and communication with consumers above all else.

In his free time, Carlton enjoys spending time with his wife, two sons and supporting the Jacksonville Jaguars.





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