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Jeremy McDonald

Loan Originator
NMLS #1195266

With over 15 years of Retail Mortgage and Commercial Financing experience Jeremy and The McDonald Team have helped more than 800 families realize the dream of home ownership. Jeremy’s personal origination experience and hands on approach has allowed him to build Relationships and a Network of North Florida’s premier Real Estate Industry Experts.

With a 5 Star review profile Jeremy has shown that he will take the time to educate both Realtors and Home Buyers, making sure they feel great about their experience. This education theme can be shown with the monthly classes Jeremy teaches to Realtor on topics such as Mortgage 101, Down Payment Assistance, Credit Education and Social Media Marketing.

Jeremy is known for his high energy and “no days off” work ethic. He is available seven days a week to ensure clients receive the attention they deserve every day. He gets this work ethic from his 20 seasons playing football and dedication to a healthy diet and exercise. Jeremy can be seen posting motivational quotes at 5am while working out.

He is a dedicated father and proud cheer dad, Jeremy has also been volunteering as a Youth Football Coach for the past six years. He understands that a family needs a home as well as the financial aspects of home buying can be a stressful and overwhelming process but it don’t have to be. With a knowledgeable and caring professional like Jeremy and The McDonald Mortgage Team in your corner they can navigate you through this important process.

So you’re ready to get started with making your home-ownership dream come! Perfect, give Jeremy a call at (904) 442-3213 or shoot him an email! We look forward to working with you.

**please make sure you copy my assistant at loa@mcdonald-mtg.com on all emails**





Phone: (904) 442-3213

Email: jmcdonald@baywaymtg.com

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