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WIRE FRAUD AND BUSINESS IDENTITY THEFT ALERT. Criminals are hacking email accounts and creating email accounts that look legitimate in an effort to extract funds from unsuspecting individuals. The emails look legitimate but are not. The criminals may impersonate a member of our staff for wire fraud or for an advance fee for loan scam. You can confirm you’re working with a Bayway team member by calling 904-224-2350.

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You shouldn’t borrow more than you need because if you borrow a lot,  your repayments will also be higher. But if you urgently need a small amount of cash, you may try online payday loans. We found these four safe online lenders that offer payday loans by low rates possible.

  1. InstaLoan Loans
    Our rating: 4.8
    What customers wrote:
    – We have never had to do this process before and will never do it again. We got the pre-approval, turned in all of the paperwork the agent asked, and she called to tell us we were approved. She had us go to the DMV to change the title to save us the fee in office. We went that night turned in the signed over title and signed papers. The next morning she calls and says we’re no longer approved. We were confused now our car is in their company name for the next 3-6 weeks until our title comes back and they are refusing to give us the money (we didn’t really have) that we paid to have it changed by their instruction. They said the only way they will reimburse us is if we turn in the paperwork she forgot to ask us for and go through with the loan……so you’re holding it hostage unless we do business with you? wrong. I explained we wouldn’t have paid if she never told us to go have it changed; we have never done this before. Not only are we not interested in continuing with the loan, but they also seem to not care that a family who obviously was trying to get help is screwed out of money. I wish we never started this process in the first place. Now our car doesn’t even belong to us, and we got nothing for it. They would not give me any regional manager info.
    – Summer and Carol are all wonderful. I have been using them off and on for a while now. While I would rather not need to make use of a loan agency, it is nice to have the option when things get tight. I appreciate it, guys, and thanks InstaLoan Loans for always being awesome, especially when work keeps me late.
  2. Embrace Home Loans
    Our rating: 5.0
    What customers wrote:
    – I have been getting loans at Embrace Home Loans for a few years now. The staff here always greet me by name and are always very friendly. The loan rates are fair, and they accept payment plans with no trouble or hassle. I definitely would recommend this place!
    – Outstanding customer service. I came in upset about a double transaction in my bank statements. They worked with me to get to the bottom of the situation, turned out to be my bank’s fault. I am VERY pleased with their service.
  3. Lending Bear
    Our rating: 4.9
    What customers wrote:
    – I was super stressed out about a situation I was in and went in twice, and they took their time to talñ me through the process and answer all my questions, I left there feeling like a Big relief was lifted off My shoulders that I had been carrying around all week! Wonderful staff!
    – Summer and Randy are very helpful and professional. I have been using Lending Bear for years, and they are fast and friendly. They treat you like an equal. I will not go anywhere else because they have such good service.
  4. OneMain Financial
    Our rating: 4.2
    What customers wrote:
    – The staff at this location is amazing! OneMain Financial is very helpful. They actually care about their customers and have helped me many times. I am forever grateful!
    – Awesome people, awesome services, and a great way to get what you need if in a bind. Highly recommend over the few other payday advance stores in the Spokane area. They’ve been accepting of me for 10 years, and I won’t go anywhere else! Thank you, everyone!