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WIRE FRAUD AND BUSINESS IDENTITY THEFT ALERT. Criminals are hacking email accounts and creating email accounts that look legitimate in an effort to extract funds from unsuspecting individuals. The emails look legitimate but are not. The criminals may impersonate a member of our staff for wire fraud or for an advance fee for loan scam. You can confirm you’re working with a Bayway team member by calling 904-224-2350.

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Aimee Rivera-Rafael has been with our company for many years and took it upon herself to grow professionally. She is a dynamic individual with a strong work ethic and always strives to make every transaction a successful one. Her years of customer service experience taught her the importance of communication and timing. From application to closing, her clients are in good hands and are informed every step of the way.

Aimee earned her MBA while working full-time, providing her with superb time management skills. She has worked in the Mortgage Industry for the past 5 years and understands that each client’s goals and objectives are unique. Because financing a home is one of the largest purchases or investments some will make in their lifetime, Aimee makes it her personal commitment to consult and educate her clients helping them understand every option they have and what will benefit them the most now, and for the future, ensuring they get the best loan program for their real estate needs. Whether you’re looking to buy, refinance or simply inquire about mortgage products and services, Aimee’s knowledge and experience add exceptional value to the personalized service you will receive.

When Aimee is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and serving at Church. Her favorite pastimes are trying new restaurants, lounging at the beach and traveling.


Each and every day, I make this promise to all of my clients:

I have an obligation to provide you with the most comprehensive information available, while also making home financing as seamless and cost effective for you as possible. My goal is to provide mortgages that are sustainable and will lead to home ownership without financial challenges.


I am committed to developing a holistic understanding of your unique situation to ensure you are fitted with the most affordable loan for your lifestyle. Whether you have perfect credit and substantial assets or have imperfect credit that may have hindered your ability to obtain a loan in the past, I have choices for you.


I choose to do more than assist you with your home financing needs. I make every effort to earn your trust by providing uncompromised customer service and sound financial recommendations. My ambition is to become more than just your mortgage professional but one of your trusted financial guides for life.






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Phone: 904-224-2550
LinkedIn: Aimee Rivera-Rafael