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WIRE FRAUD AND BUSINESS IDENTITY THEFT ALERT. Criminals are hacking email accounts and creating email accounts that look legitimate in an effort to extract funds from unsuspecting individuals. The emails look legitimate but are not. The criminals may impersonate a member of our staff for wire fraud or for an advance fee for loan scam. You can confirm you’re working with a Bayway team member by calling 904-224-2350.

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Tawain Lindsey

My name is Tawain Lindsey and I am a Residential Mortgage Loan Originator with Bayway Mortgage Group. I reside in San Antonio, TX and work from home to provide financing options to individuals who would like to purchase or refinance a home. I am licensed by the Texas Department of Savings & Mortgage Lending to originate residential loans. In addition, I possess significant experience and education in Finance and Economics. I earned an MBA in 2017 and worked for several major financial institutions throughout my career to include Citi, American Express, and Deutsche Bank. As a corporate officer at Deutsche Bank I routinely managed high leverage situations, led a global team, and interfaced with some of the biggest financial regulators in the world.”

“My promise is simple: I will deliver exceptional value to all individuals who choose to utilize my services to purchase or refinance a home, and I will be accessible throughout the entire loan process up to and after closing.”




Phone: (904) 460-7112