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Loan Programs for Athletes

The professional athlete mortgage loans offered at Bayway Mortgage Group are geared towards simplifying mortgage loans for athletes. Because professional athletes are typically young and may have limited financial experience with large investments, banks may choose to not provide loan programs for professional athletes.

Bayway Mortgage Group helps individuals find the perfect mortgage loan for athletes that fits their exact needs. Bayway Mortgage Group also helps simply mortgage loan programs for professional athletes so they understand the terms and processes in order to maximize the value of their investment.


Why Athlete Loans:
Athlete Loan Benefits

  • You may qualify for a professional athlete mortgage loan even with no credit, bad credit, or no job history.
  • Free large purchase consulting offered at Bayway Mortgage Group.
  • Get prequalified and lock in low rates on professional athlete mortgage loans before they go up.


Athlete Loan Consideration

Banks may offer professional athlete mortgage loans with higher interest based upon whether or not the athletes have one or more of the following:

  • No credit / bad credit
  • No payment history
  • Seasonal employment
  • No money currently in bank
  • No guarantee on contract



Steps to an Athlete Loan

Before you start the professional athlete mortgage loan process for athletes, be prepared to provide some information to one of our loan officers.

  • Athletic position and history
  • Social Security numbers
  • Address
  • Gross monthly salary
  • Banking and financial information
  • Tax returns


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